Community Wellness Day - Sunday November 14th (11am-4pm)

Flor de Luna Apothecary & Healing Queen invite you to experience Love Readings, Ancestral Consultations, Love Limpias, Clairvoyant Tarot, and more with local practitioners! 

Sunday, November 14th, 2021
11am - 4pm
107 N. Boyle Ave, LA, CA 90033

Join us for some delicious CBD tea and enjoy the healing energy and support provided by the following amazing practitioners. Check out the details below and learn more about their services, pricing, how to schedule an appointment, and where to find them on Instagram!




Spirit Garden @spiritgardentarot

Gentle Exorcism: Kaitlyn facilitates their spirit guide, Felicita, as they cleanse, clear, and heal spiritual ailments and attachments. Gentle exorcisms are effective at removing intrusive thoughts, releasing beliefs & habits detrimental to personal growth, clearing spiritual & psychic hooks and cords, and releasing attachments to turbulent spirits. Clients have experienced feelings of rebirth and renewal, sharpening of the psychic and spiritual senses, a restoration of peace and ease, a clearer connection to their personal power, and even the disappearance of certain physical symptoms & pains. COST: $250/25 minutes

Love Reading: Love Readings are 25 minutes of no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point guidance, clarity, and action plans, led primarily by Kaitlyn's spirit guide, Amalia. You will fill out a short questionnaire when booking so I have an idea of what your questions or situations are in advance, and we can maximize those 25 minutes we have together. COST: $150/25 minutes

Ancestral Consultations: Ancestral Consultations are for those who desire to connect directly and intentionally with ancestral spirits. Identify ancestral cycles reflected in the present reality, identify ancestors in need of elevation rites, receive guidance on how to perform spiritual remediation and/or elevation rites, and create conscious connections with your ancestors who lived and died well. COST: 45 minutes/$350

Please pre-book session at

You’ll pay deposit when you book session and then pay balance with credit card, paypal, zelle, venmo, or cash on 11/14



Healing Queen @healingqueen_

Love Limpias are Reina Prado's signature offering that support clients to unwind limiting beliefs around love in order to fortify a deeper love of self. The session includes guided experience(s), vibrational healing, crystal healing, and sometimes Angel channeling or toning. 

Cranialsacral Unwinding (sobadas) is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body working with soft tissues, fascia, and central nervous system. The session includes essential oils to help relieve pain and resources the body to improve health and performance. The client may experience an easing of the restrictions in the body and more mobility or calmness to the nervous system. Cranial Sacral unwinding is helpful to anyone who experiences migraines, dysfunction from chronic pain, sports injuries, and some neurological impairments.

COST: 45 minutes for $111

Clients must pre-pay with a credit card upon booking. Click here to book your session:



The Medicine Goddess @camillethemedicinegoddess

Tarot is an amazing divination system that speaks in universal archetypes, allegory, and ancient symbols. In a clairvoyant tarot session with Camille, you will receive guidance that allows you to feel more empowered in your choices as you co-create with Source/Creator the reality you desire. Always remember that you are the master of your own destiny, and allow the cards to gently guide you with Divine Truth. 

COST: Clairvoyant Tarot 30 minutes $100/ Akashic Records 30 minutes for $100

Pre-book session at  If there's space, you can sign up day of and pay via Venmo, Zelle, PayPal or cash. 


Reiki by Gina  @gee_bee_
Gina assists clients to tend to a variety of issues ranging from their physical to emotional well-being, using the Japanese technique of Usui Reiki. Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment but rather, a supplement to your overall wellness journey. 


COST - 30 min - $60 / 1hr - $100 (Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp, and Cash accepted)

To book a session email them at or via IG @gee_bee_667 to book a session. 



Sacred Healing Sessions & Ceremonial Adornments @sacredhealingsessions

Evelyn offers 1 and 1 Reiki Henna sessions. You can receive either a "sacred mamma" belly adornment, henna for womb love, heart chakra, henna crown, rites of passage & other ceremonial adornments.


DM them via IG @sacredhealingsessions to schedule an appointment for Sunday. 


COVID Safety Protocol - participants will be asked to were masks while they're inside the shop. Hand sanitizer will be available and we ask that you stay home if you are feeling ill. 

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