Meditation and Vibrational Medicine "Soundbath Experience"

Meditation and Vibrational Medicine Soundbath Experience: An awakening and alignment to your highest vibrations of self.
Event Details: 
As this guided meditation allows your body to rest, the vibrations that are experienced absorb into your body re-aligning any lows frequencies, blockages, illnesses, and trauma stored in your body temples. As your body is in a state of deep relaxation the work that is needed passes through with healing frequencies to balance and harmonize your chakras , mind and spirit. Using Crystal singing bowls, drumming, chimes, flutes, intention and energy this sacred container becomes a vortex of healing for what is needed in the here and now. Star & Jiode will offer an array of soundscape symphonies that will resonate into needed spaces for healing. As the space begins with care and intention the hour will end with mantra awakening and bringing you back to center. 
What to Bring:  
Blanket, small pillow, yoga mat, water, journal & pen,  and an openness to receive healing. 
About the Practitioners:

Crystal "Star" Orozco is Los Angeles Native Tongva land residing, multi- dimensional energetic healer & artist. She lives her life built on the foundation of purpose and commitment to the wellness, betterment, and nourishment of all sentient beings and souls. She founded The New Seed, a creative healing space in 2011-2015 that piloted free and by donation classes and workshops for healing and growth, including yoga, meditation and QTPOC open mics as well as Men's healing circles. She carries the wisdom with her as an Initiated Altomesoyoc Mesa Carrier of the Quechua Andean Lineage of Peru, Intuitive, and her love and passion into helping uplift humanity in a heart centered and joyous way. Through her work with energy healing, shamanic journey work and guided meditations it brings her fulfillment to sharing tools and her heart to help others with love and integrity.

In Collaboration with J. Armand DeRusha Aka Jiode, a multi instrumentalist and composer.  His most recent projects include the ÊILê Spiritual Jazz Quartet and Soulscape Space Portal, a trio of Silverlake natives which produces multi-genre video art.  He combines  a variety of wind  instruments including bass flute and clarinet with a unique configuration of effect pedals to create lush and transcendent soundscapes.


Participants will be required to wear masks indoors. Hand sanitizing will be available. Please stay home if you are feeling ill. 

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