Flor de Luna Apothecary | Boyle Heights CBD Shop (East Los Angeles)



Hello! My name is Fidel. I am the manager of a CBD shop in Los Angeles named Flor de Luna Apothecary. This is my family; The Sánchez Family. My parents met in 2004 organizing for affordable family housing and educational equity in Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles. As comrades, they worked on a number of political campaigns focused on transforming the social and economic conditions of the Eastside. As a family, we are focused on big dreams and working towards becoming financially independent.

Our firsthand experiences and personal healing journey inspired us to open Flor de Luna Apothecary and become a bridge to the benefits of cannawellness. In 2015, when my Mom was almost 5 months pregnant of me, she fell in a pothole and broke both her ankles. She refused to take the prescribed pain killers given to her and opted for a more natural approach to managing her pain and post-surgery recovery. After researching alternative medicine, she decided to use CBD to relieve her pain and aches.

In 2018, both of my grandmothers were diagnosed with cancer. Chemotherapy effected their appetite, sleep, and energy. My parents suggested they try cannabis to help relieve their detrimental symptoms. They both saw significant improvement with CBD and a much faster recovery from their chemo sessions. My Ama (Nikki's mother) is still battling cancer and CBD plays a significant role in her quality of life by relieving her pain and discomfort, and helping her get through the day. 

For my parents and family, CBD is a major aspect of their wellness routine. We look forward to seeing you at our shop and being a part of your healing journey!  

Light & Love, 
Fidel and his parents (Nikki & Luis)