6/24 Full Moon Vibrational Healing & Guided Experience

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Event Details: 

June 24th, 8:00 pm. Doors open at 7:45. Sliding Scale $22, $33, $44

Join Reina Prado on Thursday, June 24 for an in-person Vibrational Healing & Guided Experience held at Flor de Luna Apothecary in Boyle Heights. For the past year, Prado has facilitated these experiences on zoom. Prado guides participants through a series of guided experiences, using sound tools and reiki to support participants' vibrational healing process. Recordings of previous events can be heard on their sound cloud page

After we have welcomed Summer Solstice, June's full moon arrives in Capricorn at 6:05 am PT. The guided experience will focus on the element of earth to guide us on how to ground our light during the second half of the year. Reina invites you to take a moment to reflect on how your dream seeds from Winter Solstice have bloomed. Use this time together to explore thoughts that arise from the prompts and welcome the vibrations from the sound instruments and reiki. Please note that incense or sacred smokes may be lit, or essential oils will be diffused in the space. 

How to best prepare yourself to join us live:

  • All participants will be required to wear a mask during the event.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the event starts to give you time to settle in.
  • No one will be allowed in the space after the invocation has started.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable. For example, you could set up a yoga mat and/or blanket on the floor.
  • Bring any crystals that you want to support you during the event. 
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Bring a journal to write down any reflections that come up during the sound bath.

During the Sound bath, Guided Experience, or Reiki:

  • We are co-creating sacred space.
  • Plan to be settled in your space 5 minutes before we start.
  • Also, to drop in and be ready to be receptive and open to the journey.
  • Have cell phones on silent.
  • There will be an opportunity to share reflections, observations and ask questions. 

Any questions, feel free to email: healingqueen.reina@gmail.com

About Reina Prado: 

Reina Prado (ellxs/they) is a bi-lingual bi-cultural Love Conscious Coach and Holistic Energy Practitioner who established their practice Healing Queen in 2015. Their practice is a mestizaje that reflects their lineage, many of who were Curanderas, Mid-wives, Herbalists, and Sobadores, along with "modern" energy healing modalities, that can be experienced in their signature offering: Love Limpias. Through energy healing and ancestral teachings, they guide folks to understand the underlying causes of feeling disempowered in their life. By clearing limiting beliefs about Love and inviting a transformation to emerge, clients become resourced and reclaim their connection to Love as an expansive force in their lives.

They work with plant medicine and crystals in alignment with the moon cycles. They currently offer workshops and sessions at Minka in Brooklyn, NY, Mostly Angels in Culver City, CA, and Rainbow Soul Collective in Massachusetts. You can also listen to their podcast Activating Divine Love and guided meditations on their sound cloud page. Follow them on Instagram @healingqueen_ or check out the full line-up of their programs at linktr.ee/healingqueen