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It’s Time to Bundle and Save!

When you pick up their Self Care Bundle, you’re making a choice to give yourself or someone you love a chance to use amazingly effective and NATURAL CBD products. Gracious OM put together your favorite products. By combining several different organic skin care products into a cohesive routine, your skin ends up being better cared for than if you used the individual products alone. Grouping certain products just makes sense, which is why they're rolling out six great new skin care bundles. You know, sometimes more is just better.

And if Bundle and Save didn’t exist in this world, you might miss the opportunity to try different products in a bundle that you haven’t tried yet.  Oh and let’s not mention the savings involved when you bundle these products! With this bundle, you are saving $21!!!


Gracious Om’s Rose Tea Cream has been uniquely formulated to have all the benefits of a facial moisturizer & help soothe body pains.

-Soothe aches & pains.
-Nourishes, rejuvenates & protects the skin from UV rays.
-Fights acne causing bacteria.
-High in antioxidants.
-Natural SPF
-Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
-Diminishes scaring and stretch marks.
-Great for eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Gracious Om’s Fresh Mist is a blend of cucumber, lavender & aloe.

-Nourishes & refreshes skin while keeping it
-hydrated & moisturized.
-Kills bacteria on face without the alcohol or harsh chemicals.
-Primes face.
-Tones skin.
-Setting spray.

Gracious Om’s Jade Roller is made from 100% natural Hsiuyen Jade, Gracious Om’s Jade roller invites you to embark in a blissful self-care journey that leaves you glowing!

-Stimulating collagen production
-Helps close + minimize enlarged pores
-Reduces cell turnover time + diminishes fine lines
-Tightens + firms the skin by boosting elastin
-Increases oxygen levels to the blood stream
-Promotes lymphatic drainage + clears toxins from the skin
-Improves blood circulation + reduces the appearance of puffiness

Gracious Om's Pink Revive Scrub carefully crafted formula with ground Hemp seeds, Hemp oil and Hemp CBD deeply nourish, tone, and brighten skin as it removes dead skin cells.

-Gently cleans pores from impurities.
-Antibacterial properties help fight acne.
-Smoothes and leaves skin moisturized.
-Relieves aches from body.

Gracious Om’s Fresh Mist is a blend of rose, pomegranate & aloe.

  • Nourishes & refreshes skin while keeping it hydrated & moisturized.
  •  Kills bacteria on face without the alcohol or harsh chemicals.
  • Primes face.
  • Tones skin.
  • Setting spray.

Gracious Om’s Wild Heart Facial Mask CBD Hemp and blend of rose clay, beetroot and rosehip,  cleans and invigorates the skin.

-Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C.
-Aids in gently cleansing & diminishing pigmentation.
-Improves the skin’s circulation while controlling excess oils.

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