Herbaceutikals Bone Muscle & Joint Salve 2oz (Non CBD)

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This is a heavy duty massage oil for all types of aches and pains including arthritis, swelling, sprains, bruises and spasms. Made with a strong concentration of herbs traditionally used to heal broken bones and torn ligaments. Use immediately after intense exercise or massage deliberately and as needed to painful muscles or joints. This is an extra virgin olive oil base infused with arnica, cayenne, comfrey, calendula, st johns wort, and a special blend of cooling relaxing circulatory essential oils. Native Americans referred to arnica as mountain tobacco and leopard’s bane, and used the plant for sprains, bruises and wounds. In the 19th and 20th centuries, physicians and health practitioners used arnica for contusions, bruised muscles, painful breasts, chronic sores and abscesses. Arnica is available both as a herbal oil or homeopathic cream, however herbal preparations have shown much better results than homeopathic products when tested in lab studies. Arnica oils, gels and creams are the most popular herbal sports medicines. It is very effective if used immediately after an injury. Arnica accelerates the healing process by moving waste-bound fluids out and moving cleansing fluids and platelets into the affected area. The anti-inflamatory properties of arnica are due to its sesquiterpene lactones. These chemicals cause a reduction of inflammation by blocking the actions of pro-inflammatory cytokines. The antimicrobial properties of arnica make it useful for minor skin irritations where infection is possible. Topical use for sprains, bruises, aches, sore muscles, hematoma, dislocations, contusions, edema due to fracture, rheumatic muscle and joint problems, cerebral trauma, headaches, paresis, semiparesis, inflammation due to insect bites, and superficial phlebitis, bacterial infections, skin cancer, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis. Arnica should not be applied to broken or burned skin.