Herbaceutikals Healing Skin Salve 2oz (Non CBD)

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The ever popular and versatile Healing Skin salve can be used for just about anything and even on those with sensitive skin. Originally formulated as a diaper rash and eczema treatment, this salve has found a list of external applications. Use this in treatment of wounds, minor nerve damage, inflammation, cracked skin, rashes, diaper rashes, sores, eczemas, burns, bites, stings, itches, windburn, sore and overused muscles. This is truly the most basic and versatile medicine cabinet, diaper bag, handbag, backpack, glove compartment, bug out bag item to always have on hand. Aside from the nourishing healing qualities of these herbs, the coconut oil and olive oil combo is great for skin moisturizing or lip balm. Made in an organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and organic fair trade Virgin Coconut Oil base with a strong infusion of organic Calendula flowers, wildcraft Comfrey leaves, wildcraft St Johns Wort flowers, wildcraft Plantain leaves, a blend of pure organic Essential Oils and Beeswax. retail orders will ship in mason jars.